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What you need to know before calling us

  1. How high do you want to stand? For instance, if you need to reach 18' and you are 6' tall, you will need to stand about 11' or 12' high.
  2. How many linear feet of scaffolding do you need? For instance, if you need to work in an area that is 20' long, you will need at least 20 linear feet of scaffolding.
  3. Do you want plank or platforms? We offer 10' OSHA plank or aluminum clamp-on platforms with a plywood deck.
  4. Will your team be installing the scaffolding or do you need us to install the scaffolding?
  5. Will the scaffolding be used indoors or outdoors? We have a separate inventory of scaffold equipment which is only used on indoor jobs to reduce the amount of dirt and debris brought inside.
  6. Do you need wheels so you can move the scaffold, or will it be stationary?
  7. Do you want to buy scaffold? We offer new and used equipment for sale.
  8. Do you want to rent scaffold? We rent scaffold by the day, week, or month.
  9. Do you want to pick up your order, or would you like it delivered?


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